Thermodyne Countertop and Full-Size Slow Cook and Hold Ovens

Slow Cook and Hold Oven

Instead of cooking food for a short time at high temperatures, slow cook and hold ovens cook food for an extended period at a low temperature. The benefit of these ovens is that food loses less flavor when cooked slowly. 

Benefits of Thermodyne's Cook and Hold Ovens

Increased Yields

Users of our slow-cook and hold ovens can expect consistent results and reduced product waste. With lower cooking temperatures, Thermodyne's slow cook and hold ovens minimize shrinkage, allowing for greater yields. Our competitor's equipment can cause up to 25% shrinkage, whereas Thermodyne's cookers can reduce this rate to 4%. High heat methods like roasting cause product shrinkage and decrease overall product yield. 

Capacity Management

Each shelf in a Thermodyne unit is heated and temperature-controlled, making every inch of space useable. Opening the door won't cause a fluctuation in food temperature or energy usage because airflow is unnecessary. Most of the time, Thermodyne's full-size cook and hold ovens can handle the capacity of two models, saving you space in the kitchen. You can also choose from Thermodyne's countertop cook and hold ovens instead of getting the full-size model. 

Food Safety

Even with constant door openings, food in a Thermodyne slow cook and hold oven experiences almost no temperature decrease because heat remains active in the shelf, making food safety a sure thing. 

Thermodyne's Full-Size Slow Cook and Hold Ovens

Our selection of full-size slow cook and hold ovens includes: 

Thermodyne's Countertop Slow Cook and Hold Ovens

Our selection of countertop slow cook and hold ovens includes:

Don't Let The Flavor Out

Thermodyne's slow cook and hold ovens are built to meet the demands of today's commercial kitchens. Glass doors allow you to view your product without disturbing the cooking process. These ovens are designed to reduce shrinkage and give you a tasty and juicy end product. 

Contact us today and get yourself a full-size or countertop slow cook and hold oven. 


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