Family bloodlines run deep into the heritage of Thermodyne Foodservice Equipment. Company founder, Vince Tippmann, first entered the foodservice equipment marketplace nearly 50 years ago; drawing on five generations of heat transfer and refrigeration knowledge dating back to 1896.

Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc., was founded upon the development of a revolutionary method of heat transfer. Dating back to its development, a small research team sought to develop groundbreaking technology that could provide consistent heat to food products, without ever exposing them to temperatures beyond their desired internal temperature.

Once this technology was perfected, Thermodyne began shipping units both domestically and internationally to operators eager to get their hands on the latest technology in the marketplace. While components and materials have changed with the pace of the manufacturing industry, the core method of heat transfer remains unchanged from its original design.

Today, Thermodyne offers more than 35 different models; many of which are available for same day shipment in the United States and to Canada. We also offer extensive design experience and the manufacturing capacity to customize equipment to specific customer needs.

Thermodyne Foodservice Equipment, Inc. Quick Facts

Established: 1987
Headquaters: Fort Wayne, IN
Ownership: Family Owned
Available Models: 35
Technology: Fluid Shelf
Distribution: Worldwide