Why do some of the units NOT have doors?

Because Thermodyne uses circulating fluid through each shelf we are never attempting to heat the air, we simply transfer heat from the shelf to the food. The ultimate result is that all of the heat remains in the cabinet when the doors are opened. All NDNL models also come equipped with a patented built in lid system to insure food is safely covered at all times.

Who is authorized to service your equipment in the field?

Authorized agents vary by geographic location and can be communicated at the time an order is placed. Thermodyne will also allow warranty work to be performed by a qualified agent of your choice if they are able to meet our minimum requirements for service.

Which unit is best for quick serve restaurants?

Historically quick serve locations have benefited most from our NDNL counter top models. These units are available in various sizes and require no door.

Which unit is best for an institutional setting?

Since institutions may have food available in different style settings, the unit requirements vary somewhat. However in general terms, our G and DW models are most suitable from a capacity standpoint.

What types of temperature controls are available on Thermodyne units?

Our standard controller is an easy to use digital control with two buttons. Button #1 is temperature up and button #2 is temperature down. Analog controls are available as an option if requested.

What material are the shelves made of?

Thermodyne shelves are crafted with high quality anodized aluminum.

What is theory behind this type of technology?

Conduction provides a very consistent and rapid transfer of heat energy. To illustrate this notion, compare the difference between standing in a 35° F cooler and swimming in a 35° F lake. While the temperatures are the same, the impact of the heat transfer is far different. Thermodyne technology would be similar to that of the 35° F lake.

What is the typical lead time for shipment?

Many of our units available for shipment within 48 hours of order, however as you plan your project Thermodyne recommends a window of four weeks. Please call or e-mail to check current inventory levels.

How many pans can a unit accommodate?

Depending on the particular model, Thermodyne cabinets can accommodate 3-40 pans. Your specific shelf layout will determine the maximum capacity of the unit. Since Thermodyne units do not rely on wire racks, we are able to accommodate any size or shape of container.

How does Thermodyne technology differ from traditional holding cabinets?

All Thermodyne units operate using the principles of conduction to transfer heat to the food, while traditional units only offer a heat source from the perimeter or in some cases aided by vapor. Fluid Shelf technology has been proven to offer longer hold times, better appearance, higher yields, and offer the highest level of food safety.

Does your unit have a fan to circulate the heat?

Since our technology transfers heat via conduction, which doesn’t require air movement, none of our units require the use of a fan that has a tendency to dry food very quickly.

Does the unit come pre-filled with fluid or how can it be added?

Every unit shipped domestically is shipped pre-filled and ready to operate, unless otherwise requested. International shipments vary by final destination.

Do you have to use plastic, high-temp pans?

No specific pan type is required to have successful results in a Thermoydne unit. Any sheet pan or hotel pan is acceptable as well as most types of containers, poly-bags, and wrappers.

Do you have pass-thru units available?

Every Thermodyne unit is available as pass-thru or with a solid back panel.

Do Thermodyne units need to be under a hood?

Thermodyne units do not require any additional ventilation and do not need a hood.

Can I re-therm frozen product in a Thermodyne? Does every model offer this capability?

Absolutely, Thermodyne ovens are perfect for retherming frozen or refrigerated foods.  All models with electrical 208 / 240v are capable of this functionality.

Are the doors available without glass?

Most Thermodyne units offer a solid stainless steel door without glass as an option.