Ralph Miller, Owner/Founder, Bubba's BBQ, Charlotte, NC

I’ve been buying Thermodyne since 1998 and have enjoyed amazing results for years. There’s no other piece of equipment that maintains such accurate temperatures and basically eliminates employee error. We are in and out of the units all day and not losing heat when the door opens is a huge help to us. 

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Ronnie Lockwood, Tony's Seafood Market and Deli, Baton Rouge, LA

In the past we have used several different brands and styles of food warmers all of which had similar problems. These were totally electric warmers and the electronics were in the bottom of the unit. Due to the moisture content of the prepared food and clean up of the unit we tended to have regular problem with the circuits. We purchased our first Thermodyne warmer in 2009 and it has proved to be a vast improvement over any other unit we have had. Due to the location of the electronics and control system and also the fluid flow system it has been virtually maintenance free. The few problems I have had were easily corrected and the parts were readily available. This unit is very easy to service and maintain. We recently purchased our second Thermodyne unit and expect the same reliable service. We will continue to be a reliable customer.

Matt Armstrong, Huey Magoo's LLC, Oviedo, FL

We are a cook to order concept and the Thermodyne allows us to hold product between the cook process and serving, without compromising food quality. Thermodyne's compact size and easy access allows us to assemble orders efficiently, saving on kitchen space and labor.

Professional service and support makes Thermodyne a brand that I can trust in a high volume Quick Service Restaurant. A big thanks from Huey Magoo's, LLC.

Jack Hammer, Three Rivers Festival, Fort Wayne, IN

Greetings and a big “Thank You” from the Three Rivers Festival Board of Directors and Staff! What a wonderful week we had for the 45th Annual Three Rivers Festival. Sure, it was a little hot and humid, but there were still smiles galore as the crowds came out to enjoy nine days of festival fun!

Over the last four and a half decades, the Three Rivers Festival has become part of the fabric of Fort Wayne summers, bringing together people from different walks of life to celebrate the best of our community and its residents.

Thermodyne plays a big part in our success. Each sponsor's participation, whether providing in-kind service or monetary support, plays an integral part of creating the heart and soul of our community's beloved Three Rivers Festival.

Please consider renewing your partnership with the Three Rivers Festival as you plan for your 2014 budgets. It's a promise from our Board of Directors that we will continue to be good stewards of your valued investment. We will be here all year long, working hard to grow and improve the 2014 Three Rivers Festival… Fort Wayne's Favorite Summer Celebration since 1969!

Greg Jacquay, Trion Tavern, New Haven, IN

We love our Thermodyne! We use it for several of our Mexican entrée's and for our wings. The accurate holding temperatures and gentle heat transfer has allowed us to extend our holding times, without compromising the quality of our food. The fact that we can open the doors constantly and not lose heat in the cabinet has made a world of difference to us. We feel great knowing that we made the right decision.

Frank Whiting, Founder, Ophelia's Kitchen, Loveland, CO

Your Thermodyne 200NDNL and 300NDNL are the blue ribbon pieces of equipment in all of our locations. There's no question that quality has improved; while reducing waste by nearly 100%. Our hot food on the go sales have really taken a turn in the right direction and we're looking forward to more locations coming soon

Brian M. Edwards, St. Vincent Carmel Hospital, Carmel, IN

I forgot to tell you how wonderful of a job you guys did with this piece of equipment. Tremendous work! On another note, we will definitely be calling you when we are ready to purchase new equipment! I will gladly recommend you guys to others! Keep up the good work

Philip Hancock, Innovation Project Manager, Cargill, Wichita, KS

We were privileged to request and use the Model 744HW by Thermodyne at the SNA show in San Antonio, TX this year. This is the real thing – no water needed at all for the wells and product stayed at exactly the right temperatures throughout the day. We asked Thermodyne to specially fit this model with extra insulation to give us a single cold well in the system – it performed flawlessly – we would put ice in the hotel pan once per day and it would keep without needing any additions for over 4 hours (show floor was only open for 4 hours).

The lower holding stations beneath the hot wells are incredible. We took a lot of product to the show this year that was pre-cooked and then frozen. To get the product back up to temperature, we placed the items in the warming trays, set the temperature at 230° F (highest it will go) and heated everything back to 150° F + in just over an hour. We then set the temperature back at 175° F and everything held without drying out.

There are a LOT of great features of this model but not needing water in the hot wells, using a 230V plug system and having the warming trays underneath that have adjustable temperature settings made my job a dream at the show. We will continue to work closely with Thermodyne at future shows. 

Bryan Gwinn, Director of Quality Assurance, Taco Mayo Franchise Systems, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK

As menus expand and new items are added to the mix, the heated Thermodyne shelf units have been a wonderful addition to our frontline production area. It has given us lots of flexibility for continued growth. 

Susan Rondinelli, Food Services Director, Adams County School District 50, Westminster, CO

I am writing to let you know that we are thrilled with our Thermodyne units and continue to enjoy working with your organization. The results we are getting from both holding and rethermalizing have been amazing. We literally set the unit temperature and walk away. Your product has allowed us to become more efficient in our kitchens and the results are so good we wonder how we ever did without it. As guidelines continue to tighten up on safe holding temperatures and on health inspections as a whole, I can’t imagine feeling more confident that I do knowing that are food is held in a Thermodyne. The temperature doesn’t drop when the doors are left open and the holding food temperatures remain constant from the heated shelf. Please give my thanks to your entire staff, as everyone was very pleasant to work with and seemed to take a genuine interest in our school system. You can rest assured that we will settle for nothing less than a Thermodyne in the future. 

Paul Deigman, St. Anthony Hospital Central, Denver, CO

Adding Thermodyne units to our kitchen has markedly improved scores in patient satisfaction and a leaner, more cost effective foodservice operation. The units are typically powered on for 18-hours per day and we’ve been amazed at the reduction in food waste. 

Janet Thompson, Assistant Director, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN

I wanted to be sure you are aware of how delighted we have been with not only your product, but also with the amazing customer service. We rely heavily on all of our Thermodyne units, as they are a key element to the entire process in our kitchen. Not only is the quality of the food amazing, but also the fact that the temperatures remain so consistent makes our life a little easier when dealing with food safety concerns. The units don’t even lose heat when the doors are left open. 

Bruce Key, Director of Foodservice, Clark Memorial Hospital, Jeffersonville, IN

We are enjoying the benefits of having a Thermodyne “pass-through” warmer! We use it to keep food quality high (hot & fresh) during our regular peak meal times (breakfast and lunch). The main purpose, though, is to save labor, save time, and keep food quality high in the cafeteria.

The food quality is great and the labor savings are wonderful. Our third shift cafeteria customers love having the hot, fresh food. There are no more complaints that we are serving leftovers from the second shift like we had when we used regular convection warmers. No more old-looking dried-out food!