Top 3 Tricky Dishes That Are Going to Fill Your Catering Business’s To-Do List for Holiday Parties

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The holiday season is well underway, and that means your business is going to be busy catering holiday parties. Schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations are all holding events throughout the rest of the year. If you want to capitalize on the December rush, everything needs to be on-point and organized. So make your company is prepared for these top catering requests for corporate holiday parties.

Scrambled Eggs for Holiday Breakfasts

Holiday breakfasts are in vogue, especially for companies that want to celebrate and then get on with their day. Roast potatoes are relatively easy to hold stable, and fresh fruit just needs morning-of chopping and good refrigeration. It's the scrambled eggs that are going to be difficult. Test your tools (and your recipes) ahead of time, because scrambled eggs are both a standard inclusion and can sink your reputation.

Sliders and Warm Sandwiches

Sliders have somehow become a national fixture, especially with the small plates fad. Cold sandwiches are easy; it's the heat that's hard. Figure out your strategy for on-premises assembly for extra kudos. Not only does this stop complaints about sogginess, but it also helps you adjust for the vegetarians, followers of a Halal diet, and gluten-allergic employees that your contact didn't think about.

Fish Dishes

Extravagant corporate occasions will have fish and shellfish. They can't help themselves. Be ready with food warmers that can hold cooked fish in a perfect state of 'not overcooked' without inviting bacteria. You can also emphasize cold options, like shrimp cocktails, or fish options that are in pasta. If your clients want premium options, cook the fish on-site when you can and hit them with a surcharge for that premium service. Whether they admit or not, they know everyone's picky about fish and should take that into account.

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