To sous-vide or not to sous-vide?


Food’s texture, taste, and integrity all result from the methods and chemistry of flavors that work together for the perfect meal. The most memorable dishes almost always involve the word “tender.” One of the key methods to achieving such a “tender” texture is by using the sous-vide technique.

Sous-vide, French for “under vacuum,” involves vacuum-sealing food and then cooking it in a water bath. What makes this cooking method so special is its ability to cook the food evenly while retaining the food’s moisture. With that being said, sous-vide is an exact science for each dish.


Some common sous-vide time and temperature examples are:

sous vide bag

So why should this precise cooking method be used? Sous-vide creates uniformity. This means that when a meal is cooked for a customer, they experience the same tenderness, flavor, and portion every time that meal is ordered. Creating uniformity not satisfies customer expectations, but it also helps control food costs with consistent portions.

Getting started with using the sous-vide method for your facility is easy once you have the right warmer for the water bath. Contact us today to find out how we can help you introduce the sous-vide cooking method into your operation.

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