Thermodyne Provides the Versatility Schools Can Count On

Slow cook and hold oven

Two of Thermodyne’s most versatile and multipurpose units are the Dual-Purpose Chill-Reheat/Hold units and our 744HW (dry well) series hot food wells which combines serving line capabilities with a Thermodyne holding oven beneath.

Thermodyne Dual-purpose Units

Thermodyne dual-purpose units allow users to automate the refrigeration, reheating, and holding processes.

With Thermodyne’s 700DP and 1500DP, it is possible to refrigerate, automatically reheat and hold prepared foods, with no food service attendant required. Units can easily switch from one function to the other with a simple-to-operate control interface.

Scheduling flexibility allows these units to be custom programmed for different mealtimes for every day of the week. Automated meal programming is available, which makes it the perfect solution for any restaurant or foodservice operation.

The dual-purpose capabilities of the Thermodyne 700DP and 1500DP truly makes them a revolutionary concept in automated foodservice equipment.

Thermodyne 744HW Dry Well Revolutionizes School Lunch Programs

Traditional hot food wells use water to create steam as the method of transferring heat to the food pans on the serving line. This mandates a dedicated water supply to the hot well unit, or manually filling the wells throughout the serving process. Additionally, this water will need to be removed daily thereby requiring a nearby drain for disposal.

Featuring an independently operated control system, the 744HW (dry well) allows you to individually control the temperature of each pan in the hot well. This enables more versatility and variety regarding food menu items. Serving a variety of foods that require completely different temperatures is now possible with the 744HW (dry well). With the addition or deletion of our insert plates inside the wells, different temperatures can even be achieved within the same well. Beneath the hot food wells is a Thermodyne slow cook and hold oven which can be used as the primary source for holding backup pans for the serving line. By conveniently having the backup pans at the serving line, food serving times are decreased. The Thermodyne 744HW (dry well) series combines two pieces of equipment into one thereby saving kitchen floor space.


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