Thermodyne Product Spotlight: 700CT


In the realm of kitchen equipment, innovation is the cornerstone of efficiency and quality. Thermodyne's 700CT counter-top slow cook and hold oven stands as a testament to this principle. With its groundbreaking patented Fluid Shelf® technology, this appliance redefines the way you think about slow cooking and food preservation.

Unveiling the Fluid Shelf® Technology

The heart of the model 700CT lies in its revolutionary Fluid Shelf® technology. Unlike traditional ovens where temperature variations can lead to unevenly cooked dishes, the Fluid Shelf® system ensures that each shelf within the oven maintains an exact and consistent temperature. This precise temperature control opens the door to extended holding times without compromising the appearance, flavor, or texture of your culinary creations.

Quality Meets Quantity

The Model 700CT doesn't just stop at innovation—it also boasts remarkable capacity. With twice the space of its predecessor, the 300CT model, this oven empowers chefs and kitchen staff to handle larger quantities of food with ease. Whether you're preparing for a bustling lunch rush or catering a special event, the 700CT's spacious interior ensures that you can meet demand without sacrificing the quality that your customers expect.

700CT Provides Versatility in Design

Thermodyne understands that every kitchen is unique, which is why the model 700CT is available in two distinct configurations: pass through and solid panel back. The pass through design facilitates seamless workflow in busy kitchens by allowing access from both sides of the oven, while the solid panel back offers a more traditional look and enhanced insulation. This adaptability ensures that the 700CT seamlessly integrates into your kitchen setup, providing convenience and functionality.

Elevate Your Culinary Experience

In a world where time-honored cooking techniques meet cutting-edge technology, the Thermodyne 700CT counter-top slow cook and hold oven shines as an indispensable asset for any culinary establishment. Elevate your dishes through precise temperature control, unlock new levels of efficiency with its ample capacity, and tailor its design to suit your kitchen's unique needs.

Invest in innovation. Elevate your culinary experience with the model 700CT. Discover more at Thermodyne's official website or contact our experts to see how the future of slow cooking can transform your kitchen today.


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