Thermodyne Cooking and Holding Tips

Thermodyne Slow Cooking and Holding

In this post, we collected some common Thermodyne cooking and holding tips that we offer to our customers.  If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Cooking Tips

Container Types NOT to be Used

Certain container types are not recommended for use in the Thermodyne oven. These containers include: excessively tall or narrow containers, bain-marie or double boiler style pots, stainless inserts or glass cookware. Using these types of pots or containers could affect the conduction rate and prevent products from reaching their recommended internal temperature.

Acceptable Container Types

High Temperate Plastic Containers, Flat Bottom Ceramic Dishes, and Metal Baking Sheets are acceptable container types for use in Thermodyne ovens. If using plastic pans, a temperature difference of 25-30 degrees can be expected. It is necessary to set your Thermodyne cabinet temperate higher to compensate for the temperature difference.

Use Flat Bottom Pans

All pans used in a Thermodyne must be flat on the bottom. This will ensure proper heat distribution as well as allow for the product temperature to be reached in the required time. For rethermalization, do not use any pan deeper than 2”.

Cover All Pans

Unless you are holding breaded products, cover all pans with plastic lids or wrap to seal in moisture. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil may be used in place of plastic lids.


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