Steam Shell Griddle: Steam Lid Injection

steam lid

In addition to slow cook and hold ovens, Thermodyne also represents a line of steam griddles known as American Griddle. The Steam Shell Griddle has proven time and again to produce better-tasting food and substantially reduce cook times.  Designed for both large and small menus, the Steam Shell will prove to impact your kitchen in a positive manner.

Steam Lid Injection

The second component of Steam Shell technology comes from our patented lid system. For years cooks have covered products with pans in an effort to retain moisture and decrease cook times with the creation of steam under the pan. While this method has proven to be fairly effective, it’s also very inconsistent and awkward. The Steam Shell Griddle has advanced upon this grilling method by creating a consistent and practical means of grilling with steam and eliminating all of the guesswork. Steam is consistently dispersed above the food causing it to condense directly on it, locking in natural moisture and eliminating the risk of overcooking or drying out. Plus, being able to cook from both sides means cook times can be cut in half and food gets to your customer in record time.

Proven Results

In a competitive recovery test, when repeatedly loaded with ice on the same area of the griddle, American Griddle’s Steam Shell griddle melted 3 pounds of ice in just 7 minutes, while competitive griddles only managed to melt 1.5 pounds. Even against a heavy load of ice, the Steam Shell Griddle continues to hold an accurate temperature, while conventional griddles suffer a rapid decline, causing unpredictable temperatures across the surface.

About Thermodyne Foodservice Products

Founded in 1987, Thermodyne Food Service Products, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of both countertop and full-sized slow cook and hold ovens. Each unit features Thermodyne’s patented Fluid Shelf Technology, in which low-temperature heat is transferred throughout each shelf rather than through the air. This not only ensures food quality and safety but also allows food products to be held for extended periods. Contact us today to find out about the incredible flexibility and serving capabilities made possible by Fluid Shelf Technology. For more information, call 888-310-7352 or visit  


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