Marinating Food: Four Spicy Favorites to Keep You Warm this Winter


Although there really isn’t a bad season for marinating food, it does seem that winter lends itself almost perfectly to this task. What better time of year to choose a hot, spicy marinade to keep your mouths and stomachs warm?

It’s time to raid the spice cabinet, stir up your favorite marinade, and count down the hours until it’s time to start the meat to simmering. 

Four Spicy Marinades to Keep You Warm this Winter

Option One: Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Jerk spice can either be pre-bought or mixed with the spices you already have in your cabinet or spice rack. This recipe is to warm the tongue and clean out the sinuses. Keep some tissues on hand!


Option Two: Spicy Ginger Garlic ShrimpPerfectly complemented with fresh veggies and a glass of plum wine, these shrimp skewers will have you dreaming of summer even as the cold winds of winter blow past your window.

Option Three: Dae Ji Bool Gogi (Spicy Korean Pork)When paired with white rice to cut the burn or with a side of spicy kimchi to increase the eye-watering effect, this dish really cranks up the heat factor.

Option Four: Hot and Spicy Flank Steak. With a total prep time of only thirty minutes from start to finish (excluding time spent marinating), this quick and easy favorite will soon have your mouth (and eyes) watering.


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