Making the Most of Your Catering Food Warmers

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Anyone who has pulled off a successful romantic relationship knows that a good romance is not just about getting a couple together. It's about keeping a couple together. 

Something similar can be said for a relationship between a cook and quality kitchen tools. Acquiring them is one thing. Keeping them in perfect working order is another. 

Food warmers are a prime example of this.

Fortunately, there are three steps everyone can take to keep their working relationships with their food warmers in good working order. 


In order to keep your working relationship with your food warmers strong, you must ensure that they are properly cleaned immediately after every use. Not only will consistent cleanings keep the elements from breaking down more quickly, but it will also seriously lessen the threat of bacteria and other organisms from growing.


Once your food warmers are cleaned, you'll want to store them properly between each use. In some cases, food warmers stay put in one particular spot in the kitchen; however, portable warmers must be given their own clean, safe, and dry places to rest.

Keeping them stored properly also cuts down on cumulative wear and tear that can result when they're left out where they can be damaged. 

Preventative Maintenance

In a human relationship, if you wait until there's a problem to invest time and energy in the other person, you're already a few steps behind. Instead of being reactive, you should actively invest in building the relationship from Day One. Doing so can prevent it from breaking down.

The same is true of food warmers and other kitchen appliances. Taking time for preventative maintenance will save both time and money in the long run.

Any business can save 12-18% by investing in preventive instead of reactive maintenance. (Capterra)

We Can Help

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