How to Cook and Hold Food Like a Pro

cook and hold

Working in a professional kitchen can be daunting. Fortunately, you can always take steps to ensure a higher rate of success. If you’re going to cook and hold food, be sure to follow these pro tips.

How to Cook and Hold Food Like a Pro:

Step One: Do your homework. Know what dishes hold best and be sure to follow proper holding times to ensure safe and delicious food for everyone. After choosing your dishes and consulting regulation holding times for hot foods, you can feel confident that you’re ready to go.

Step Two: Shop around for the best deals. Buying ingredients can be costly. You’ll also find that stocking your kitchen with the right tools for the job isn’t necessarily easy on the bottom line. Whether you’re shopping for fresh produce at the local farmer’s market or looking to replace your kitchen’s holding cabinets, making sure that you’re getting the highest quality at an affordable price is key.

cook and hold

Step Three: Learn from your mistakes. Not all of us get everything right the first time. They key to success is not in never making any mistakes but in learning from those mistakes and never making them again. To be sure that this is possible, consider keeping a journal in your kitchen to log successes and failures. Review your notes frequently to keep history from repeating itself.

If you’re going to cook and hold food, these three steps will keep you on the path of success. If you’ve learned some tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments. We would love to hear what’s working for you. Remember that we carry a full line of quality food warmers for use in industrial kitchens. Please feel free to contact us to hear more about our current product lines and how you can take advantage of our best deals.

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