Holding Food? Root Veggies Provide Great Options

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Not all foods cook and hold well. Fortunately, we've been blessed with a wide array of root vegetable recipes that do just that. If you find yourself cooking and holding food on a regular basis, you might do well to peruse this list and add a few recipes to your regular rotation.

Root Veggie Options to Cook and Hold

Our first suggestion is this amazing Vegetarian Root Vegetable Pot Pie. One reason to love it is that the filling can be made in advance, giving you further flexibility. It's also an expandable recipe, meaning that while size and shape do matter (especially in regards to the cut of the veggies, which must be proportional in order to ensure even cooking), you can expand and contract the ratios as needed. Whether you're serving many people or just a few friends, you'll find this option easily adaptable.

Another great choice for a main dish would be this Root Vegetable Bake. There's a bit of prep required (mostly peeling, slicing, and dicing), but once everything's ready to go, all you need to do is sit back and let all the ingredients get to know each other as they cook.  

Perfect for any meal but a great breakfast option if served with the eggs of your choice, this Roasted Root Vegetable Hash requires the same amount of chopping and dicing as the previous choices; and as with the others, the results are well worth the effort. 

For a seasonal side, consider Maple-Glazed Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes. You'll be delighted both with the flavors and rich fall colors of this sweet and savory side.

To finish, try this Luscious Beet Brownie recipe: all the richness of a chocolate dessert with all the nutrients of a veggie! 

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