Herbs and Spices That Go Well with Venison


Herbs and Spices That Go Well with Venison

Venison meat is tasty and a lean option for red meat. With a little addition of natural spices, they would complement your venison recipe greatly. Due to the strong natural flavor of the wild game, it may be difficult to season. However, below is a compilation of herbs and spices you can never go wrong with when making a venison recipe.

Over the years this has been an obvious addition to most wild animal recipes. When making roast venison with potatoes, it is the best spice. Rosemary complements the flavors of wild meat well. The grounded rosemary leaves are best sprinkled over the meat. When they are rubbed into the meat, they create the perfect taste.

Juniper berries
Venison wild meat has never gone wrong with the juniper berries. The berries are acidic and give the meat a citrus flavor. It blends well with the meat, creating the best venison recipe. When crushed, the berries give an outburst of flavor. It is best when the herb spice is applied to the meat is cooked. The option is up to you to marinate or soak the meat in the juniper herb spice.

Any venison recipe is tastier when bay herb spice is added. This is a classical addition and blends well with the strong venison flavor. When adding bay, it even the strength of the venison flavor and creates a rich burst of flavor. The flavor is released slowly when cooking, thus appropriate for slow-cooking venison recipes. It is best for stews and soups.

Sage will add its flavor to the venison meat to create the best treatment for your taste buds. This herb may be used when fresh and dried too. Most venison recipes will require a small amount at the beginning and the end.

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