Four Delicious Recipes for Cozy, Low-temperature Cooking


As temperatures drop and daylight dwindles, turn to low temperature cooking to keep your kitchens warm and fragrant. This fall, consider trying one of these four low-temperature cooking options.

Four Delicious Recipes for Cozy, Low-temperature Cooking:

Low-Temperature Oven Steak 

Since one of the biggest dangers in cooking steak is the threat of overcooking, what better way to prepare it than with a low-temperature method? Check out Modernist Cuisine for excellent step-by-step instructions.


Low-Temperature Chicken

In a well-documented article, Serious Eats attests that not only is chicken perfectly safe when prepared at lower temperatures (140 degrees instead of the industry standard of 165 degrees), but it is also more tender and moist. Check out their recommended recipe of Sous-Vide Chicken with Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette.


Low and Slow Oven-baked Ribs

Even cooking at low temperatures, you’ll be digging in to a rack of ribs in about four hours. According to our friends over at, by that time meat is so tender that it will literally be falling of the bones.


Slow-cook Cheesecake

No matter which of the main dish options from above that you choose to anchor your meal, you’ll want to finish off with something sweet. What better than a simple slow-cook cheesecake, as recommended by The Splendid Table? According to chef Andrew Schloss, not only does the cheesecake turn out perfectly every time, he can also literally leave it cooking while he sleeps:


These cheesecakes that I was doing, it turned out that they took about 8 hours to get done, which was about the amount of time that I slept. So I realized that I could just at the end of the night stick the cheesecakes in the oven, go home, go to sleep, come back in the morning and I would have desserts for the restaurant.

That’s exactly the type of hassle-free planning that slow-cook enthusiasts love. This fall, as the evenings darken and the nights grow chill, plan to cozy up to your slow-cooker to keep your dinners cozy and warm.

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