Benefits of Low Temperature Cooking

Slow Cooked Prime Rib Low temperature cooking is something you don't hear enough about in its health benefits. That's likely because refraining from baking at a standard temperature is sometimes considered to be breaking a near set-in-stone tradition. Multiple generations have grown up with the notion that baking anything with at least a 350-degree temperature is the only way to properly cook food. And those who've grown up with a microwave in the last 40 years have minds trained to expect hot foot in a quicker amount of time. There's evidence, though, that slow cooking has extreme health benefits far too many people have missed. As well, our superior food warmers here at Thermodyne Foodservice Products can easily help you bring a very convenient slow cooking method to your kitchen. How Slow Cooking Works One reason why slow cooking likely hasn't become mainstream is because it lives up to its name and requires more oven time. With a conventional oven, you generally have to allow 12 to 15 minutes per every 4 ounces of food, says Metabolic Healing. As far as temperature, you should never exceed 225F on your oven for a very particular health reason. The Dangers of Cooking Food at a High Temperature Scientific evidence shows that cooking various foods at high temperatures (as in grilling or frying) can remove the nutrients. This alteration of your food can ultimately make it toxic and create a potential for cancer if you eat that way regularly. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped the popularity of grilling and frying that we see at so many family barbecues. Many people simply don't want to have to cook food for an extra half hour or an hour, particularly when there's a family gathering. Those who've tried slow cooking, however, will note that it better retains texture and flavor of the food. But how can slow cooking become easier without having to use a conventional oven or a microwave? Hot Food Holding Cabinet Slow Cooking with Food Warmers If you've never seen a commercial food warmer, then you're missing out on the most convenient way to keep food heated. We've been producing food warmers since 1987, and technological advancements in recent years have made them the best choice in heating food compared to a standard oven. With our patented Fluid Shelf Technology, the heat circulates throughout each shelf in the warmer so food stored inside will stay at a consistent temperature, no matter how many times the doors are opened. In the world of slow cooking, using our commercial food warmers will give you energy efficiency and easier ways to bake your food for your commercial business. Because food can easily be kept in our warmers for days, you can slow cook in advance while also providing healthier food for your customers. Contact us to learn about the possible industry applications of our food warmers and how you'll never have to worry about food quality again.

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