3 Essentials to Keep in Your Cabinet if You’re Planning on Marinating Food


If you're looking to get into marinating food, you'll want to ensure that you are keeping the essentials on hand. They may not be what you think.

3 Essentials to Keep in Your Cabinet if You're Planning on Marinating Food

While the exact mix of herbs and spices might change depending on the types of meats or veggies you're marinating, you'll want to keep these three items on hand in good amounts.


In addition to bringing out the natural flavors of the meat, veggies, and marinade, salt has wonderful tenderizing properties. That's why, before cooking, so many people prefer to brine their dishes. 

When marinating, a little salt can go a long way, and a lot of salt can go even further. Be sure to keep plenty of salt stocked in your kitchen.


When making a marinade, you'll find that oil is a wonderful medium for holding your herbs and spices together. Because it counts as a “fat,” it also helps keep your meats moist.

Do a bit of research, decide what type of oil will be best for what you're cooking, and keep your cabinets well stocked.


While the word marinade tends to make us think of herbs and spices, there are plenty of marinades that call for sugar. Sugar does more than simply add a pinch of sweetness, however.

 Sweeteners like sugar and honey not only add complexity, they also help foods brown during cooking, further developing flavor. (Cook's Illustrated)

That's why, in addition to salt and oil, sugar is a marinade must-have.

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