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Producing Prime Rib Profitably with Thermodyne: A Roundtable with the Baker Street Team

For a restaurant, prime rib can be a big profit generator – or a big headache if it’s not cooked and held properly. Baker Street Steakhouse, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is renowned for its prime rib. On an average weeknight, this fine-dining steakhouse serves up about 15 pounds of prime rib; on weekends, that number can be closer to 25 pounds. We asked the Baker Street team to tell us why they chose the Thermodyne and the Fluidshelf Technology to produce their delicious prime rib.

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Restaurant Chain Triples Sales Thanks to Equipment Partnership

Drake & Morgan has outlined the difference that innovative foodservice equipment can make to a fast-growing restaurant operation after it was forced to bring in extra kit to cope with a seasonal spike in demand. Over the recent Christmas period, the volume of covers that the chain served almost tripled, leading it to call on supplier Thermodyne for help.

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