Custom Thermodyne Units built into Say Beignet & Wine Bar

Custom Thermodyne Installation

Recently, the Say Beignet & Wine Bar sent us a picture of a custom installation for their two new 300CT Thermodyne units. Located approximately 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago in the Promenade Bolingbrook shopping complex, Say Beignet & Wine Bar is a contemporary market-styled café. With a menu consisting mainly of breakfast pastries and freshly baked items, the need to hold food products at precise temperatures during busy rush hours is a requirement. The flexibility offered by the custom Thermodyne units allows for these types of installations as well as custom designs.

Fluid Shelf Technology

Fluid Shelf Technology, Thermodyne’s revolutionary heating method, is designed to continuously circulate heat throughout each shelf in the Holding Cabinet.  With 100% distribution from top to bottom and left to right, each of our Commercial Food Warmers and Electric Food Warmers provides an exact and even temperature.  With no circulating air and continuous heat, food can be held for extended periods of time without fear of over cooking or drying out.  Additionally, with heat in the shelf rather than the air, food is protected from unstable environments such as door openings, hot spots, and additional air flow. With no risk of temperature fluctuation, kitchens enjoy reduced shrinkage and product waste as well as less energy consumption.

At Thermodyne Foodservice Products Inc. we manufacture both countertop and full size hot food holding cabinets. Contact us today to find out the amazing flexibility and serving capabilities made possible by Fluid Shelf Technology.

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