The Model 744HW Steam Table, with dry well option, combines hot well serving with Thermodyne’s Fluid Shelf® technology in one convenient unit.  While most steam tables offer little more than wasted space below the serving line, Thermodyne provides cooking, holding, and rethermalizing capabilities within the same space, eliminating unnecessary trips to and from the kitchen.  The 744HW steam table is a dry well, meaning no water is required to provide heat in the wells.  Not having to use water allows for easier clean up at the end of the day.  Additionally, each well has individual temperature controls enabling the user to hold foods at different temperatures across the wells.

*Unit shown with optional well lids.

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EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 60.00“ W x 27.50“ D x 39.50“ H
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS 56.00“ W x 22.50“ D x 20.00“ H
MAX OPERATING TEMP 230°F (Holding Cabinets) | 350°F (Hot Well)
NET WEIGHT 470 lbs.
Electrical Specifications
VOLTS 208 / 240 (HC & HW)
AMPS 25 / 27 (HC) | 15 / 17 (HW)
TOTAL WATTS 5250 / 7000 (HC) | 3440 / 4000 (HW)
HERTZ 60 (HC & HW)
PLUG NEMA L14-30 (HC) | NEMA 6-30 (HW)
Pan Capacities
Pan Size Standard Maximum*
12" x 20" x 2.5" 16 20
12" x 20" x 4" 12 12
*Maximum capacities are based on additional shelving. Capacities vary depending on shelf quantities, spacing, and pan depth.
Philip Hancock, Innovation Project Manager, Cargill, Wichita, KS

We were privileged to request and use the Model 744HW by Thermodyne at the SNA show in San Antonio, TX this year. This is the real thing – no water needed at all for the wells and product stayed at exactly the right temperatures throughout the day. We asked Thermodyne to specially fit this model with extra insulation to give us a single cold well in the system – it performed flawlessly – we would put ice in the hotel pan once per day and it would keep without needing any additions for over 4 hours (show floor was only open for 4 hours).

The lower holding stations beneath the hot wells are incredible. We took a lot of product to the show this year that was pre-cooked and then frozen. To get the product back up to temperature, we placed the items in the warming trays, set the temperature at 230° F (highest it will go) and heated everything back to 150° F + in just over an hour. We then set the temperature back at 175° F and everything held without drying out.

There are a LOT of great features of this model but not needing water in the hot wells, using a 230V plug system and having the warming trays underneath that have adjustable temperature settings made my job a dream at the show. We will continue to work closely with Thermodyne at future shows.