Institutional food service operators are trying to become more cost-effective without changing the quality or flavor of their products. This makes the multifaceted functionality and capacity management offered by Thermodyne's food holding cabinets a perfect fit for institutional settings such as Healthcare Food Service Providers, Educational Organizations, and Correctional Facilities.

Thermodyne's food holding cabinets help users meet their maximum demand because these cabinets offer the most useable space of any unit on the market. With Fluid Shelf® Technology, Hospitals and School Cafeterias can hold more food longer, without affecting quality.


The rigorous demands for food preparation and holding requirements in Institutional settings require reliable and energy-efficient equipment. Thanks to Fluid Shelf® Technology, our entire food holding cabinets can be used for one or more food products without cross flavoring. Because Fluid Shelf® Technology transfers heat directly from the shelves to the food, the internal cabinet temperatures remain consistent and safe even when the doors are repeatedly opened and closed. With the benefits and advantages of Fluid Shelf® Technology, Thermodyne's food holding cabinets can meet your current and future food holding requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Since Thermodyne's food holding cabinets do not require an open space for air flow, 100% of the cabinet's interior can be used, saving valuable time and money. Without the need for product rotation or temperature adjustments, Thermodyne's food holding cabinets produce consistent results, day-after-day by decreasing waste and increasing profits.

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