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Thermodyne Product Demonstration

At Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. we take great pride in working with customers and foodservice professionals who would like to learn more about our line of food warming ovens. With over 35 models to choose from, including full size, half size, counter top, hot wells, and steamers, a Thermodyne product demonstration allows users and potential customers to test our commercial food service equipment and products before purchase.

Learn more about our revolutionary method of heat transfer, Fluid Shelf Technology® in our test kitchen or at your facilities.

The Thermodyne test kitchen is state of the art facility that will allow food service professionals to test and utilize all of the features of our Thermodyne food warming ovens. We will provide a detailed presentation that will explain all of the uses and functions of our units as well as a cooking demonstration.

We can bring Thermodyne to you. A product demonstration is also available at your location. A Thermodyne representative will bring one or more unit to your facilities for an in depth presentation and cooking demonstration.

For more information about a Thermodyne product demonstration, or to schedule a demonstration, contact Thermodyne today!

Demonstration Agreement

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This demonstration will be at this location for the number of days indicated above. At the end of this test period, Customer agrees to contact Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. and notify us of your decision to purchase or return the unit. If we do not receive notice of your intention, we will automatically invoice you for the equipment.

Disclaimer: Customer agrees that neither the Company, its suppliers of service or equipment, nor any of their respective shareholders, officers, directors, affiliates or agents shall be liable to Customer for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, or expense, including, without limitation loss of revenues or profits for food/equipment testing or injury, illness, disease or death to persons arising from or in connection with improper handling, improper operating instructions or improper installation instructions, negligence, acts of God, war, terrorism or other acts beyond the control of the Company.