Electric food warmers are a mainstay in large government and military kitchens and cafeterias. Most government kitchens require large-scale food production and extended holding periods. Given that nearly all government and military departments have cut spending, reducing food waste and maintaining quality are highly important. Thermodyne's unique ability to slow cook, rethermalize and hold, makes it an obvious choice for kitchens serving mass amounts of people.

Users of Thermodyne's electric food warmers can also utilize the entire cabinet on single or multiple food items simultaneously without cross-flavoring. Our full-size electric food warmers are specifically designed for facilities with mass feeding and variable servicing times. Ensure that your kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently with Fluid Shelf Technology®.


With Fluid Shelf Technology®, Thermodyne's electric food warmers also ensure food quality and safety. Additionally, this technology offers the most usable interior space of all electric food warmers. By transferring heat directly from the shelf to the food, it is not necessary to leave an open space within the cabinet for hot air flow. Every cubic inch of the cabinet can be filled and you will obtain the exact desired results. Fluid Shelf Technology® also means that strategic product placement and product rotation are never required because results are always the same; regardless of where food is placed within the cabinet. Further, with little or no user training required; changes in staffing do not affect food quality or safety in our electric food warmers.

Since Thermodyne's food holding cabinets do not require an open space for airflow, 100% of the cabinet's interior can be used, saving valuable time and money. Without the need for product rotation or temperature adjustments, Thermodyne's food holding cabinets produce consistent results, day-after-day by decreasing waste and increasing profits

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