Fast Casual

Hot Food Holding Cabinets have long been an overused and under delivered piece at most fast casual dining facilities. At Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. we recognize the needs associated within the Fast Casual Restaurant industry. The performance and efficiency of our Hot Food Holding Cabinets allow Fast Casual Restaurants to create multiple holding environments without compromising food quality or safety. Our units enable users to hold food for extended periods of time without over drying or temperature fluctuations. Additionally with no cross flavoring, your products will taste as intended.

A Restaurant concept that has become increasingly profitable and popular, Fast Casual dining was able to capitalize on the economic downturn and a more health conscious customer. Typically Fast Casual Restaurants offer limited service and more complex foods than classic fast food restaurants. With a focus on higher quality and healthier foods, as well as atmosphere, Fast Casual Diners tend to be between the age of 18 and 34 years old.


With Thermodyne's Fluid Shelf Technology®, users experience results that are dramatically faster and more consistent than traditional heat transfer systems. Our Hot Food Holding Cabinets are designed to hold food products for extended periods of time. With even heat distribution throughout each shelf inside the cabinet, products are held at precise temperatures regardless of the volume product or number of menu items. Perfect for cooking, rethermalizing and holding, our Hot Food Holding Cabinets offer quick pass-through access and product flexibility.

With an easy to use, adjustable temperature control system, Thermodyne's Hot Food Holding Cabinets require little training or maintenance. Whether you're looking for large capacity or just one menu item, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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