Thermodyne's portable food warmer for catering will help deliver memorable and exciting food to your client's next catering event. Optimize your next catering operation with an economically efficient Thermodyne food warmer. Typically, Catering Food Warmers provide little flexibility, offer limited space, and deliver inconsistent results. With the most usable space available on the market today, Thermodyne's durable Catering Food Warmers are perfect for catering functions such as banquets, conventions, and weddings.

Food preparation has never been simpler than with Thermodyne's easy to use control system. Set-it-and-forget-it functionality helps to reduce costs incurred due to over-cooking and employee training. To increase durability, the exterior of our catering food warmers are constructed with extremely sturdy and sleek stainless steel, 5” casters, and stainless push bars for easy transportation, which also helps with cleaning and overall kitchen appearance.


With Thermodyne's Fluid Shelf® Technology, food safety and quality are guaranteed. Additionally, the Fluid Shelf® Technology will help to reduce overall energy costs for added savings. By transferring heat directly from the shelf to the food, without the use of air, internal cabinet temperatures remain consistent and safe. Even when the doors are repeatedly opened and closed, Thermodyne's Catering Food Warmers do not lose valuable heat, saving time and money.

Durable and easy to move, Thermodyne's 1300G model was specifically designed for the catering industry. For even more capacity, many of our catering customers choose models such as 1900G1900DW and 2100DW as the best portable food warmer for catering.

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