Thermodyne Product Spotlight: 300CT

Slow cook and hold oven

Thermodyne's 300CT counter-top slow cook and hold oven provides food quality and kitchen efficiency like no other piece of equipment on the market today. Using patented Fluid Shelf® technology each shelf in the cabinet maintains an exact temperature, allowing for extended holding times, without sacrificing appearance or taste. This compact unit operates on a simple 120V connection and is available as pass through or with a solid panel back.

300CT Maintains An Exact Temperature

Each shelf within the 300CT remains at the same temperature. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature of all the food within the warmer because there is no fluctuation. It also helps to reduce the risk of food reaching unhealthy temperatures. 

No Door Is Required 

When it comes to serving food to your customers, speed is key. This is true for cooking, assembling, and serving food. Thermodyne’s 300CT can be used with or without the door. This design feature saves you a great deal of time on the assembly line and makes putting the food in and taking the food out a breeze. The back of the commercial food warmer can also be left open, allowing you to retrieve the food from either side of the food warmer. 

The Taste Is Preserved 

One concern about holding food in a food warmer is that the taste will be sacrificed, however, this is definitely not the case with a 300CT. Since it regulates the temperature perfectly, the food is kept at just the right temperature and therefore does not lose appeal by becoming too hot or cold. This helps your customers to really enjoy their food and allows you to easily store it before it is ordered. 

To learn more great reasons to invest in a commercial food warmer, or to purchase a 300CT, visit us at Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc.

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