Stewing Food: Savory Spring Selections

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Although some people assume that stews and stewed foods are the best choices for the fall and winter months, they might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of stewed options the prove perfect complements to the freshness of spring.

If you need convincing, you've come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of favorites just for you!

Savory Spring Selections

One of our favorite recipes for this time of year is this wonderful Spring Chicken and Citrus Stew. Boasting uniquely Mediterranean flavors, this wonderful stew is uniquely suited to the season.

This is a brilliant transitional dish. You've got the stew element, which is warming, comforting and exactly what you want during the colder months, but there are loads of fresh colors and flavors to remind you what's around the corner at this time of year. 

If you prefer something a bit more robust, consider Slow Cooker Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken. Chicken on the bone, marinated in aromatic spices (ginger, garlic, thyme, pepper, green onions) and simmered in garlic, herbs, bell peppers, ketchup, onions. What's not to love?

For fans of the other white meat, we recommend Stewed Pork and Squash. This is a lighter fare, but if you're in the mood for more, you can always add some rice or serve with a crusty bread to soak up the broth. 

Finally, for those looking to feature the freshest seasonal vegetables, we'd suggest Neapolitan-Style Stewed Vegetables & Farro with Summer Beans, Sweet Pepper & Gremolata. As spring blends into summer, you may enjoy substituting veggies in and out as they begin appearing in your local markets.

Whatever you choose, remember that we're here to help keep your dishes safe and hot from the time they're cooked until the time they're served.

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