Maximize Space and Efficiency: Thermodyne and New Construction

New Restaurant Construction

Early commercial kitchens were designed to merely prepare food. There was little emphasis on safety, organization, or overall design effectiveness. The 20th and 21st centuries saw a rise in interior planning that focused on workflow, improved technology, and kitchen efficiency.   

New Construction Provides More Efficient Designs

Market competition, rising costs, and consumer demand essentially forced restaurants and foodservice businesses to reconsider operational procedures. This included implementing new technologies and strategies to increase efficiency and reduce product waste.

When designing a new commercial kitchen, it is important to employ equipment without a large footprint. Utilizing “smart” equipment that can also perform multiple functions with minimal interaction can accomplish this. Commercial foodservice equipment such as dual-purpose units can replace multiple pieces of equipment while also opening additional kitchen space.

As construction and real-estate costs continue to rise, maximizing your kitchen's interior footprint is as important as ever. Thermodyne dual-purpose units allow you to expand your cook and hold space without taking up valuable room inside the building.

Thermodyne Dual-purpose Units

Thermodyne dual-purpose units allow users to automate the cooking and refrigeration processes.

With Thermodyne’s 700DP and 1500DP, it is possible to refrigerate, automatically reheat and hold prepared foods, with no food service attendant required. Units can easily switch from one function to the other with a simple control interface. 

Restaurant Construction

Scheduling flexibility allows these units to be custom programmed for different mealtimes for every day of the week. Automated meal programming is available, which makes it the perfect solution for nearly any restaurant or foodservice operation. 

The dual-purpose capabilities of the Thermodyne 700DP and 1500DP make them a revolutionary concept in automated foodservice equipment. 

Specialized Commercial Kitchen Equipment

At Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. we specialize in the resources required for foodservice operators to create thriving businesses. Our slow cook and hold ovens are the most practical solution for restaurant owners concerned with quality and consistency.  With Fluid Shelf Technology, Thermodyne provides versatility not seen in typical holding cabinets.  With the ability to hold multiple menu items simultaneously without cross flavoring, owners enjoy increased efficiency and consistent results.     

As more and more restaurants switch to “smart” equipment, Thermodyne slow cook and hold ovens provide multifunctional equipment to the foodservice industry. This can help reduce labor costs while also improving kitchen efficiency. If you are in the process of a redesign or new construction project, contact us to find out how Thermodyne can improve your kitchen’s efficiency and workflow.

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