Keeping Your Hot Food Holding Cabinets in Prime Condition

Food Holding Cabinet Cleaning

If you plan to invest in a good hot food holding cabinet, you should also plan to invest time in keeping it in top condition. Fortunately, just a few simple steps will keep on track.

Set Expectations

First, you must never assume that your coworkers and employees know exactly what is expected of them regarding your kitchen appliances. Not only should you engage in proper training every time you purchase new equipment, but you should also ensure that every new employee receives training when hired. That way, you can set firm expectations regarding the proper care and treatment of all your equipment—and of your hot food holding cabinets, specifically.

Follow Through on Cleaning 

Part of the expectations you set will include regular cleaning. When it comes to cleaning, you must ensure that your cabinet is cleaned at least once a day, inside and out. Using a soft cloth and a mild cleanser, wipe down both the interior and exterior surface areas. Don't forget that you should also plan to move your cabinet regularly and clean both underneath and behind, ensuring that buildup doesn't accumulate.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance 

Rather than waiting until your machine breaks down, schedule preventative maintenance to ensure that your hot food holding cabinet is in proper working order and operating at maximum efficiency. 

When preventive maintenance is properly implemented, equipment is routinely maintained so it can run in optimal condition at all times. When machines run more efficiently, they don't have to use as much energy and resources. This means cost savings as well as improving your environmental footprint (MicroMain). 

In addition to cutting costs, preventative maintenance also decreases the likelihood that a sudden breakdown will leave you without a holding cabinet in the middle of a workday. That alone is a good enough reason for scheduling preventative maintenance. 

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