Foods to Cook and Hold at Your End-of-Summer Party


Can you believe the end of this year's summer is already on the horizon? However, rather than mourn over the approaching end of long summer days, try to end the season with a big bang instead. How so? By throwing an end-of-summer party, of course.

With the weather still warm and toasty outside, you won't want to slave away in the hot kitchen while everyone else is having fun at your party. Instead, you'll want to cook your food ahead of time and keep it all holding at a warm temperature while waiting for your party guests to arrive.  If you're unsure about what to cook and hold for your end-of-summer party, continue reading to get inspired by the ideas below.

Barbecued Chicken

Barbecued meats are synonymous with summer parties, and they hold very well in a food warmer. So definitely consider serving barbecued chicken at your party. For an exotic twist, try making Indian tandoori chicken beforehand, then keeping it on a food warmer until it's time for everyone to eat. Or to really simplify matters, make barbecued chicken in a slow cooker, and hold it warm in the same cooking device.


Tacos are fun to eat, and they also hold extremely well in a food warmer. So go ahead and cook up some beef brisket or pork shoulder in advance. Then have some taco shells and salsa to go along with them when it comes time to eat.

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