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Almost everyone dreams about getting improved food quality to increase overall food stability. But are there ways to achieve this? Versatile slow cook and hold ovens are among the commonly used effective methods of safeguarding food items. However, you may lack the right equipment for your industrial, institutional, and commercial kitchen needs.

Thermodyne precision slow cook and hold ovens are one of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment on the market. While maintaining food quality and utilizing the best ingredients are the keys to any successful kitchen, Thermodyne models can also provide a return on investment not seen in standard equipment which uses convection heating.

Fluid Shelf Technology

Fluid Shelf Technology is simply a method of precision low-temperature conduction heating that gently transfers heat through each shelf in the Thermodyne by re-circulating hot fluid.  This provides an even distribution of heat to all of the food products, regardless of where they are placed in the cabinet.

Benefits Of Fluid Shelf Technology

Precise Temperature Control at +/- 1°F of the SET POINT temperature of the oven.  Every shelf in a Thermodyne has a maximum temperature differential from the set point control of +/- 1°F.  No convection oven has that degree of temperature control.

Higher Yields. To illustrate, we cooked a sirloin of beef at 167°F.  Prior to cooking, the sirloin weighed 3.39 lbs.; after cooking, its weight had dropped to ONLY 3.24 lbs. resulting in a product yield of 96%.

Reduced food waste by providing longer hold times.

Preserves nutrients, flavors, and natural juices.

No hot or cold spots which require product rotation to keep food in the safe temperature zone.

Thermodyne: Made in the USA Slow Cook and Hold Ovens

Founded in 1987, Thermodyne Food Service Products, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of both countertop and full-sized slow cook and hold ovens. Each unit features Thermodyne’s patented Fluid Shelf Technology, in which low-temperature heat is transferred throughout each shelf rather than through the air. This not only ensures food quality and safety but also allows food products to be held for extended periods. Contact us today to find out about the incredible flexibility and serving capabilities made possible by Fluid Shelf Technology. For more information, call 888-310-7352 or visit www.tdyne.com.  

Made in the USA

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