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3 Ways to Make Your ‘Cook Ahead’ Strategy Stronger

If the menu at your next event is complex, you already know that a lot of the work is going to need to be done ahead of time. That leaves you the complex question of how much you can prepare before the event itself. Not doing enough early work can leave you stressed and running behind all day, but preparing too much might leave your plates filled with food that tastes stale or has the wrong texture. 

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Is Your Company Van Equipped to Provide an All-in-One Catering Service?

Just because winter is on its way doesn't mean you won't be asked to cater events in the outdoors. When you're far away from anything but a socket or two, it's important to have all of the equipment you need to make things run smoothly. All of that equipment means you need a van, too, and don't let your car limit your options. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when you're selecting the right van for your company:

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Catering Food Warmers

A great way to ensure that your food will be at the perfect temperature when your client receives it is to use a commercial grade catering food warmer. A commercial grade catering food warmer will allow you to store large amounts of food. The food warmer will come equipped with wheels that will allow the warmer to be rolled around easily if moving is needed.

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