Are Your Commercial Food Warmers Holiday Ready?

Commercial Food Warmer

The holiday season is fast approaching! While homeowners are checking on their outdoor lights, extended families are planning their big dinners, and stores are hiring temporary salesmen, those of us responsible for commercial kitchens have slightly different priorities. One of the most effective ways that we help people celebrate the holidays is by looking after our commercial food warmers.


Even if you've been satisfied with your current food warmer for many years, there's always the possibility that everyday wear and tear will begin to take its toll. Before the busy part of the season is well and truly underway, take some time to check on your kitchen appliances to ensure that they're working in top form—especially your food warmers. Few things will disrupt the smooth operation of your kitchen quite like a faulty warming system.

So, give your commercial food warmers a stiff cleaning and a good hard quality control check. If any issues need to be addressed, take care of them while you have the chance!


When it comes to the contents of your food warmers, you will want to ensure that your menu choices complement the season. The good news is that we can always rely on our friends over at Southern Living to provide ideas for the “Happiest Christmas Menus Ever.” Those who are bit more free range might want to check out this (very full) Pinterest board of seasonal food and drink recipes

With a little forward planning, your menus throughout this season can add to everyone's enjoyment. 

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