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Cooking Tips, Recipes and Product Reviews from the Chef Hacks Blog

Chef Hacks is a blog designed to improve your life in the kitchen as well as make you more efficient while you’re at work. The goal of Chef Hacks is to not only inspire chefs and other cooking professionals but to provide resources that are actually useful. In this blog, Chef Aaron covers a range of topics and demonstrates some pretty exceptional equipment and cooking techniques. Throughout the blog, Chef Aaron shares with readers his 15 years of experience and firsthand knowledge of running a gourmet kitchen.

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Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Running a restaurant is a tough business. It’s even tougher when you have a small kitchen space to work with. But that’s the challenge that’s faced every day by Peter Shuey, Managing Partner of the Hoppy Gnome in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

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In Need of New Catering Food Warmers?

When the time comes to replace kitchen equipment and appliances, there is always a tension between comfort and curiosity. Should you order the same old comfortable brand that you've always ordered, or should you take a chance on something new?

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